Incus Performance

In March 2019 Dunelm Partners made their first investment in INCUS Performance,  contributing £200,000 of the company’s £550,000 equity raising.

Founded in 2016 by Chris Ruddock, a 26 year old engineering graduate, INCUS Performance is a sports technology start-up that is helping athletes to train better using data. The unique three-tier INCUS platform provides high-quality analytics to improve technique and training, initially specialised for swimming and the other triathlon sports. By combining artificial intelligence and data analytics with wearable technology, INCUS is bringing new levels of technical clarity to athletes in an easy-to-understand way.

The wearable device, called INCUS | NOVA, is worn during training and captures high-quality motion and technique data, which is then automatically analysed and presented via a companion app to athletes and their coaches. This analysis provides meaningful insights to the training team and moves towards predictive analytics to inform future training strategies and marginal gains.

Each constituent element of the INCUS system – wearable device, data analytics and mobile platform – have been engineered from the ground up to optimise the quality, speed and efficiency of data capture, analysis and feedback.

With a research-led approach, INCUS systems are comprehensively validated against gold standard techniques alongside top-level athletes at Loughborough University – the world’s leading sports university.

Chris received considerable grant funding from Innovate UK to develop the product and the proceeds from the equity raising in which Dunelm Partners participated are being used to bring the product to market.