Fussy is a business set up in 2020 by 34 year old Matt Kennedy and his business partner Eddie Fisher to produce and market personal care products that are not only the best at what they do but also do no harm to the human race and our planet starting with a natural refillable deodorant.

The casing for the deodorant is made of a plant-extract based plastic that is fully bio-degradable and refills, which are also plant based, are sent direct to the customer’s door. It’s green and eco-friendly in every sense at the same time as being a highly effective deodorant – as one would expect from a company that is Fussy in everything it does!

Having initially been funded by family and friends in December 2020, Fussy has raised over £500,000 in new equity with Dunelm Partners contributing £100,000. This fundraising followed on from a highly successful campaign for the deodorant on Kickstarter that achieved advance sales of just under £120,000 in four weeks.

On the back of the new equity and the advanced sales Matt and Eddie are in a strong position to launch the deodorant into the UK and European markets in early 2021 and then launch further products later in the year.

For more information on Fussy please go to www.getfussy.com