DRTY Drinks

Dunelm Partners’ third investment is to back young entrepreneurs Oli Clements (27) and Matija Pisk (26) to introduce hard seltzer to first the UK and subsequently, the European market. Oli and Matija joined Diageo after graduating and while working there,  spotted how attractive a low (4%) alcoholic drink made with purified sparkling water infused with pure fruit might be to a UK and European audience,  based on its recent successful US launch.  There is no sugar in the seltzer and the only calories are the alcohol so it appeals to those looking for a clean, healthy low alcoholic drink.

Oli and Matija decided to back their judgement and start out on their own and so formed DRTY Drinks. The company had already successfully raised £190,000 from family and connections before Dunelm joined the party to contribute a further £110k to ensure the project has the best chance of getting off to a great start. As ever,  we will be looking to make all Dunelm’s resources available to Oli and Matija to support them,  including our wide ranging commercial and financial experience.

DRTY hard seltzer has now been launched in the UK.  Initially there will be two flavours, but the company aims to subsequently expand into other flavours and formats (for instance, multiple packs as opposed to single cans).